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NFL Draft 2007 – Round 1 #28 – San Francisco 49ers – OT Joe Staley

The San Francisco 49ers traded with the New England Patriots to move up and take offensive tackle Joe Staley from Central Michigan. They gave up next year’s first round pick and a 4th this year.

What the Experts Say: Profile:

Player Evaluation: An outstanding athlete with good size as well as growth potential, Staley has watched his game grow by leaps and bounds the past three years. Known as a hard worker with a passion for the game, he is a prospect with starting potential at the next level.

STRENGTHS: Aggresiveness / Tenacity, Explosion, Quickness Off Ball


Biography: Former tight end who moved to the tackle spot as a sophomore and has been used on both the left and right sides. All-Conference selection as a senior.

Pos: Gifted athlete developing as a pass-protecting blind-side lineman. Bends his knees playing with leverage, is patient and keeps his feet moving throughout the action. Stays square, keeps defenders in front of him and makes tremendous use of body positioning and blocking angles. Stout and easily anchors at the point. Works hard and uses all his tools to a maximum.

Neg: Lacks adjustment and at times seems a bit stiff. Average run blocker and does not get much movement. Ineffective blocking in motion.


Most people felt Staley wouldn’t be available at this pick and the 49ers were wise to trade up to get him because Baltimore likely would have taken him with the next pick. Staley is a former tight end who has the quick feet to redirect in pass protection and the quickness to prevent edge rushers from turning the corner. He’s also big and tenacious enough to develop into an effective drive blocker once he gets a little stronger, learns to keep his hips under him and use his hands. With him in the fold, the 49ers can start him on the left side and move Jonas Jennings to the right side where he is a slightly better pick. The odd man out is Kwame Harris who hasn’t panned out since San Francisco took him in the first round of the 2003 draft.

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