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NFL Draft 2007 – Round 1 #29 – Baltimore Ravens – OG Ben Grubbs

The Baltimore Ravens needed very little time to grab Auburn offensive guard Ben Grubbs with the 29th pick.

What the Experts Say: Profile:

Player Evaluation: A natural blocker on the inside who has shown consistent improvement the past three seasons, Grubbs is a perfect fit in a zone blocking scheme. Will only get better as he physically matures, which could help him eventually develop into a starter at the next level.

STRENGTHS: Flexibility, Quickness Off Ball

AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT Drive Blocking Skills, Power And Strength

Biography: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors as a senior. Began his college career playing on the defensive line and at tight end.

Pos: Athletic blocker who displays a lot of skill in motion. Quick off the snap, fluid pulling across the line of scrimmage and immediately gets out to the second level, removing linebackers from the action. Jolts opponents with good hand punch, plays with a large degree of explosion and works hard throughout the action. Can adjust to pick up blitzes or when blocking on the move.

Neg: Not a dominant blocker who gets much movement at the point. Lacks top fundamentals, which hampers his ability to finish blocks.


The Ravens may have taken Staley is he stayed on the board but don’t feel too bad for them. Grubbs is the best available guard and he is a great fit for the offense. Though Grubbs needs to work on his hand placement and footwork, it should come as little surprise considering his history. He lined up at defensive tackle during his true freshman season and moved to tight end the next year before moving to guard. His progress thus far should make the Ravens optimistic about progression and he’s already capable of moving into the starting line up. Grubbs is a powerful drive blocker who can open up holes in short-yardage situations and is always looking to put defenders on their backs. Baltimore should also be confident about his ability to hold up in pass protection because he has excellent quickness.

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