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Peter Yarrow Sleepwalks into Tony Kornheiser’s House

My wife called to tell me that Peter Yarrow of “Peter, Paul, and Mary” fame was going to be on the Tony Kornheiser Show on Washington Post Radio talking about an incident where the former sleepwalked into the latter’s home.

I couldn’t find anything about the incident on GoogleNews and finally found this on Wikipedia:

Peter Yarrow Promo Photo In the early morning hours of March 28, 2007, Yarrow was allegedly involved in a strange incident in Washington, D.C. A man claiming to be Yarrow, disoriented after a long flight from Israel, walked into the home of Tony Kornheiser, a sportswriter for The Washington Post. Mr. Kornheiser’s wife, Karril, confronted the stranger who at that point began apologizing for his mistake and identified himself as Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul, and Mary. He claimed that he was looking for a house with the same address but on a nearby street and that his confused condition was the result of jet lag. He left, and the police were not called. Mrs. Kornheiser neglected even to mention the incident to her husband until the following evening- to his great annoyance (being an avid fan of Yarrow’s music). On his daily radio show, Tony Kornheiser has speculated (jokingly) that because Yarrow has not contacted him to apologize for the incident, the person must have been the “Peter Yarrow burglar”, a burglar whose method is to impersonate Peter Yarrow in order to avoid capture. The Israel alibi is suspect, as the website for “Peter, Paul and Mary” lists a performance in Providence, Rhode Island on March 24, 2007.

I’m listening to the show now and Yarrow admits to the incident, although he sticks by his Israel story. He and Kornheiser are having a great time with the whole thing. Yarrow says Kornheiser’s home is much nicer than that of the friend he was intending to visit.

    Kornheiser: “When did you sense that something was wrong?”

    Yarrow: “When your wife came out in that extraordinary negligee.”

    Kornheiser: “When you saw her, what went through your mind.”

    Yarrow: “I was focused on apologizing to her and making sure she wasn’t frightened.”

Mr. Tony apparently slept through the whole thing, until his wife woke him when Yarrow left.

Tony is a big fan of PPM and is “thrilled” by the whole thing. Yarrow promises to sign any and all albums Kornheiser wishes and thanks him profusely for not suing.

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