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Women’s Final Four

Does anyone have a clue why the marketing genuises at the NCAA continue to schedule the Women’s Final after the men’s championship has been decided? Isn’t that rather anti-climactic?

Then again, as Mister Biggs points out, simulcasting the game on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, ESPNU, ESPN360, ESPN International, ESPNNEWS, ESPN Radio, and is rather odd as well.

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When I was at UNC, and the Tar Heels won the NCAA Championship in Women’s Basketball the game was televised on a Sunday afternoon, the day in between the Final Four and the National Championship game. Why they moved it to a Tuesday night boggles my mind. They would do better having the women open for the men.

As with most things regarding college athletics, see my big post up above, it’s a question of money and exposure. I don’t see how, but the collective sports geniuses at ESPN and in the NCAA must think this works. Guess they don’t want to go up against the Simpsons on Sunday night.

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