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Matt Moore The Next Tony Romo?

DMN’s blogger-in-residence Tim MacMahon is pumped about the Cowboys’ signing of undrafted free agent former Oregon State quarterback Matt Moore.

Other than a few highlights — like the OT-forcing drive in the Sun Bowl shown above — I’ve never seen undrafted free agent QB Matt Moore play. But ESPN’s Ron Jaworski has, and he raved about Moore an awful lot during the late rounds of the draft.

Like Jaworski or not, you must admit the man knows his quarterbacks. Jaworski was so high on Moore that it makes me think the kid has a chance to follow the Tony Romo path — spend a couple seasons as a third-stringer, move up to backup and maybe be ready to start four years from now.

It’s a long shot for Moore to ever start a game for the Cowboys, but I like his chances to earn a clipboard-holding gig this season.

Who knows? The Cowboys have three young projects vying for the third quarterback slot behind Romo and veteran Brad Johnson: practice squader Matt Baker, former Dolphin practice squader Brock Berlin, and Moore. (That’s presuming that Isiah Stanback is here solely as a wide receiver and kick returner and not in the QB mix. I agree with Mickey Spagnola that that’s likely the case, at least for now.) One of them may get to stay on the roster, although the ‘Boys didn’t carry a third QB last season. Another may pass waivers and stay on the practice squad. It’s going to be hard to break through, though.

Here’s the video referenced above:

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Jim, that was not an OT-forcing drive; the Beavers won by going for 2 and taking the lead with 22 seconds left.

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