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Schlereth’s Next Play? ‘Stink’ Up Daytime Soaps

First, “The Body” Ventura becomes Governor of Minnesota. Now, “Stink” will make his acting debut with, “Guiding Light” on June 14. I can’t wait to see what’s next! This could shatter my wonderful memories of the three time Super Bowl Champ! (1 Redskins, 2 Broncos)

There’s a big “Stink” in the soap opera business.

And it’s being caused by Mark Schlereth, former Broncos lineman and new daytime television hunk.

In Denver, we know him as lovable No. 69. He’s the football player with more replacement parts than an old VW bus. We will forever remember the guy affectionately called “Stink” plopped on the ground at the Super Bowl, sharing a laugh in the end zone with Broncos legend John Elway.

But soap opera buffs across America are about to see Schlereth in a whole new light.

He has landed a dramatic TV role as Roc Hoover, a dashing police detective/crime novelist who’s easy on the eyes and quick with a quip.

It seems his buddies over at ESPN are having a great time with this one. I can’t say I blame them.

His pals at ESPN Radio, however, have acted as semibenevolent agents for Schlereth, going so far as to develop the Roc Hoover persona and even record a catchy jingle (“Ain’t No Messin’ With the Hoov”) that the folks in charge of “Guiding Light” found simply irresistible.

Behind the nickname.

Mark’s nickname is “Stink.” He revealed the reasoning behind it on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning on November 2, 2006. Schlereth said this nickname originated during his first season with the Broncos in 1995. He told a story about his sister working in an Eskimo town in Alaska, where people cut the heads off of fish and consider the head a delicacy; these heads are known as Stinkheads. Schlereth was called “Stinkhead” that season, later shortened to “Stink.” Schlereth also revealed on this same Mike and Mike appearance that due to the lack of restroom facilities on the sideline, he would often urinate in his game pants (originally saying that was the reason for the “Stink” nickname, although he was joking).

source: The Denver Post

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