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The Culpepper – Lemon – Feeley – Harrington Effect

Greg Stoda at the Palm Beach Post draws his own conclusion as to why the Miami Dolphins won’t agree to trading a 4th round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for QB Tyler Green. The Columnist calls it the Daunte effect.

It’s abundantly clear Cameron isn’t enamored with Culpepper, who still is trying to recover from last year’s disappointments with the Dolphins when he rushed back too quickly from a knee injury suffered the previous season.

The Dolphins’ concerns regarding Green could be labeled The Daunte Effect in that Miami gave a second-round pick to Minnesota to get Culpepper. But the Dolphins have to get to Beck a year or two from now, and they don’t seem to want Culpepper or Lemon at quarterback in the meantime.

Which is why Miami ought to part with a fourth-round pick to get Green to South Florida as soon as possible.

Stoda seems to be suffering from memory loss. Since 2004, the Dolphins have traded 4 draft picks in return for a Quarterback. That includes the Daunte Culpepper trade.

In 2004 Miami traded a 2nd rounder to Philadelphia for AJ Feeley
In 2005 Miami traded a 6th rounder to San Diego in order to get rid of AJ Feeley in place Miami got Cleo Lemon who had never played a down in the NFL before that trade.
In 2006 Miami traded a 5th round pick to Detroit to get Joey Harrington.

Miami has invested 4 draft picks, including 2 high value picks in the last three years, and haven’t solved the QB mess. With that track record, I don’t blame Miami for not wanting to give up another pick for what would most likely be one season of Trent Green.

Stoda points out Miami hasn’t gotten a great deal in the 4th round. The departed Randy McMichael being the best. I rather take a chance on finding another McMichael(Miami needs a TE bad right now) then trade for Green, because Miami is going to stink next year. What differerence will there be if Miami is 6-10 with Green rather than 5-11 without him?

Stoda makes a really dumb justification for getting Green too.

And there’s also the fact that Green is screaming to get out of Kansas City and wants to come to Miami. He told reporters everything is “awkward” in Kansas City and he knows the quarterback competition there is “weighted” against him because of his age and salary.

What a brilliant argument. A player is unhappy where he is, so lets trade for him! I just love Palm Beach Post sports columnists so much. NOT!

Let KC release Green and then pick him up for free or find another 3rd string QB on off the refuse pile like Miami did with Shane Matthews last year. Let Lemon start the year at QB and work in Beck in gradually. 2007 will be a long year for Miami, but lets not throw away more of the team’s future in order to just slightly patch the present.

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