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Yankees finding new ways to lose

Aaron Hill stole home in the 8th inning of a tie game, giving Toronto a one run lead – and that was the difference in the ballgame. A steal of home?! That’s rarer than a damn inside-the-park home run! (I’m actually not certain of that, but it sure seems that way.)

Why did Arod field that bunt that looked to be going foul? And why did Torre bring in Proctor instead of Bruney to get a k? Proctor career k/9: 7.4, 2007: 5.5 vs. Bruney career k/9: 9.9, 2007: 9.0. Instead, Proctor gave up a sac fly that allowed Toronto to take the lead for good.

To make matters worse, it was another beautiful (and wasted) start by Andy Pettitte – 7.1 innings, one earned run, lowering his team leading (and fourth in the league) era to just 2.51. It’s sad to see such a great year being wasted – Pettitte took the loss again, dropping his record to 3-4, another example of why Win-Loss records are meaningless: he’s been by far the Yanks best pitcher this year.

- Elsewhere, Tampa’s Joba Chamberlain was selected as the Florida State League’s ‘Pitcher of the Week’ for the second time this season. His stats to date: 28 ip, 1.61 era, 14 h, 32 k, 9 bb.

- Roger Clemens will make his 2007 debut in Chicago on Monday night. It might be too late at this point, but I’ll keep the faith until they’re mathematically eliminated…

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I just love it!

And the Red Sox (K. Youklis) got a stand-up, inside the park home run just yesterday!!

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