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Yanks’ Wang looks sharp

Considering the lineup, tonight may have been Wang’s best outing of the year. He definitely had the best slurve I’ve ever seen from him. That’s the pitch he was working on this offseason to increase his strikeouts and it served him well tonight, as he totaled a season high five k’s (hey, that’s a lot for him). His sinker was moving hard inside while his slurve curved softly away (from righties), a deadly combination. And his sinker wasn’t even that great tonight, but fortunately the slurve made up for it. If he ever has both of those pitches working well, we’ll witness utter domination (which he did against Seattle a few weeks ago without his good slurve (Boston has the much better lineup though)). Even his changeup looked good, garnering a few swings and misses. He looks to be settling into a groove, having two great starts in a row after being very up and down.

Even though Julian Tavarez is going for Boston tomorrow, I don’t feel good about the game due to Mussina. He’s been extremely hot and cold this year and against Boston’s lineup, I fear he won’t fare well. His fastball has lost a lot since last year, and his command isn’t the pinpoint precision it normally is.

But for the time being, the Yanks are victorious. Enjoy it! :D

Elsewhere, good news: Phil Hughes threw 25 pitches off a half-mound and did some running drills. He’s expected to return as the fifth starter in mid-June.

And Ty Clippard will start Friday night against Anaheim after a great debut last night.

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