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All Fired up because of Golf

Not the usual outcome of an errant golf shot.

A Wildcreek golfer who hit a bad shot this evening started a brush fire that consumed 15-20 acres northeast of the golf course, fire officials said.

The golfer had knocked his ball into the grass beyond the course off the 3500 block of Sullivan Lane. When he tried to play back to the fairway, his club struck something that created a spark that started the fire.

“He was totally honest about it,” Reno Battalion Chief Curtis Johnson said, adding he didn’t know if the golfer turned in the alarm.

Reno and Sparks fire engines with 45-50 people swarmed the area and were mopping up about 8:30 p.m. A 12-person crew from the Sierra Front Forest Service was to be at the fire site until at least midnight.

Some Florida official will read this story and want to regulate golf shots from the rough. I just know it. We’re in the middle of a drought down here and can’t be having golfers starting brushfires. There has to be a law.(Sarcastic laughter time)

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