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Denver Broncos This Years Darkhorse?

So, who is this year’s team?

Don’t like the 5-1 Indianapolis Colts , 6-5 New England Patriots , or 7-2 San Diego Chargers ? OK, here’s a radical suggestion: D. As in the Denver Broncos .

I think it’s quite obvious were my money is going. But, do you want to make some money? Listen up!

Going off at a mere 9-1 to win the AFC and a big 17- or 18- or even 20-1 to take Super Bowl XLII, some gamblers have got to be thinking about Mike Shanahan’s boys.

There is a lot of talk about New England’s off-season. But, take this into consideration.

As good as the Patriots’ offseason was, the Broncos can boast one amazing addition in cornerback Dre’ Bly, adding him to an already respectable ‘D’. This creates the most fearsome secondary in the league; today’s speculative depth chart puts the starters as Champ Bailey, Bly, John Lynch and Nick Ferguson.

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