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Edwar and the disappearing Yankee offense

Fortunately, I was unable to watch today’s game (which the Yanks lost 7-0), so instead I watched last night’s Triple-A Scranton game. I was paying special attention to Edwar Ramirez, the 26-year-old Dominican reliever who’s been dominating the minors this year. His ‘out’ pitch is a nasty changeup that dives down almost like a splitter. He was perfect again last night, going three innings striking out six. He had good (not great) command of his 89-90 mph fastball (good enough velocity – I was afraid that a 26-year-old career minor leaguer meant he couldn’t throw hard), but great command of the change (I don’t know how much slower it is, but by the swings generated, it can’t be above 80 mph). He also seemed to have a little slider. Just marvel at his stats this year: 43.1 ip, .62 era, 80 K, 17 BB, 1 HR, .128 baa, .83 whip.
And it’s not just this year, as we see from his career minor league stats (prior to 2007): 211.2 ip, 2.90 era, 11.1 K/9, 2.7 BB/9, .6 HR/9, 1.11 whip.
Extremely impressive numbers, which makes the fact tyhat he was released twice by Anaheim even more puzzling. Was their farm system so stacked that a guy like this couldn’t make it?

Watching Farnsworth, Myers, Vizcaino and Villone is making me sick. This guy has dominated throughout his career, and it’s time he gets a shot in the big leagues. Don’t forget about Chris Britton and Sean Henn, also guys that should be pitching in the Bronx.

As for today, the offense disappeared again. Today they barely escaped being no-hit (the only coming from Johnny Damon). Over their last 11 games, they’ve scored just 31 runs, which averages to 2.8 per game. A terrible slump for an underachieving team. I’m afraid Joe Torre’s job may become tenuous. Since last year’s ALDS, I thought a new manager should have been brought in (preferably during the off-season), but now would not be the right time. Hopefully, Joe steps down at season’s end, and is replaced by Joe Girardi.

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