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More on Michelle Wie’s Ginn Tribute withdrawal


Wie cited pain in her left wrist, which she broke when she fell jogging in January, as the reason for withdrawing. “It felt good when I was practicing,” she said, “but I kind of tweaked it in the middle of the round.”


Before Wie teed off on 8, her manager, Greg Nared, approached her, and the two talked briefly. Afterward Wie told an LPGA official, “We’re not going to play anymore.”

It’s not clear whose decision it was to withdraw. During the round Wie wasn’t obviously bothered by her wrist, and she looked surprised when Nared approached her on 8. (Nared didn’t stick around to answer questions after Wie’s press conference.)

Wie says she wasn’t thinking about the LPGA’s 88 rule, which stipulates that any non-LPGA player (Wie was there on a sponsor’s exemption) who doesn’t break 88 in a round is not allowed to finish the tournament or play in any other tournaments for the rest of the season. “I don’t think about shooting 88,” she said. “That’s not what I do.”

Wie didn’t seem to think her disastrous Thursday would have much effect on her ability to play next week at the McDonald’s LPGA Championship in Maryland. “I definitely want to play next week,” said Wie, who has accepted a sponsor’s exemption to play in the PGA’s John Deere Classic in July. “I definitely know what to work on, so I’m excited to get back into it and try to work on it,” she said, declining to elaborate. She added, “It’s definitely going to be better for next week.”

I both think the 88 rule was behind Michelle’s withdrawal, and there is more than a good chance she won’t play in next week’s LPGA. A 88 yesterday would have had serious reprucussions on and off the course for Wie. As to her health, her play was horrible yesterday and her wrists almost certainly the cause. If they are still hurting, Michelle would be wise to take more time off.

That’s just my take on the situation. I’ve been wrong in another recent prediction, and the same could apply here.

For even more about Michelle’s withdrawal, we go to what LPGA tour caddy Larry writes-

Thanks for comin’ On the cart path, into the road, off a car, into a sewer, nothin’ but net! That’s the description I heard of Michelle Wie’s tee ball on the third hole. She took a ten and that was all she wrote. Heard her agent was on the horn getting the scoop on something (as told by someone that was standing next to him) and pulled the plug on her round. Could it have been the 88 rule?

How do you think Ashley Gomes feels about now? I know it’s too much to ask but when will the sponsors wise up and stop being taken for a ride by this troupe of charlatans. The answer is never. She puts asses in the seats and they all secretly hope that her first win will be at their event.

In an attempt to make a covert exit, Michelle bolted out the side door upon leavening hoping to avoid the press and left a locker full of gift baskets and mementos to sign in her wake. She even had her wrist on ice which prompted one cadero to state with a sarcastic inflection “It was the wrong wrist!”

Larry hasn’t been following the news. Michelle has suffered recent injuries to BOTH wrists. It is not a stretch to think both of Michelle’s wrists could have been hurting by the end of yesterday’s play.

I’m seriously beginning to question Larry’s credibility as a source for anything. His animosity towards any player of Korean descent is becoming clearer with every passing day. That makes me question his allegations against Young Kim from April. Larry never replied to my email. By now anything Larry writes on the Korean golfers,(and I’ve been critical in the past about them when deserving. The Wies included.) has to be questioned before being taken as fact.

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She is a bitch! How can they let her play after doing what she did. They should never let her play again.

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