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NFL to Miami Dolphin Season Ticket Holders- Screw you

In addition to losing a 2007 home game because of it being played in London England, now League officials are requiring Dolphin fans to pick up their tickets in London the week of the game.

With the Dolphins playing the first regular-season NFL game outside North America this fall, the league is going to unusual lengths to keep fans from profiting off the game.

The NFL has created a policy to prevent season-ticket holders from reselling tickets to the Oct. 28 game against the New York Giants in London. Dolphins season-ticket holders who buy tickets must pick them up in person with photo ID in London the week of the game. They may buy the same number of tickets they have for other home games, but it is capped at 16.

“We don’t want fans re-selling these tickets,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said. “We had to create a system that would accommodate Dolphins season-ticket holders and U.K. and European fans. Without that there’s the potential for fans to have to pay extraordinary prices for these tickets from people in South Florida, who may be selling them.”

The first 40,000 tickets to the game were snapped up in 90 minutes when they were put on sale to U.K. and European fans last month.

As a contingent of Dolphins officials, including owner H. Wayne Huizenga, coach Cam Cameron and defensive end Jason Taylor, visit London this week promoting the game, season-ticket holders have been receiving information about purchasing tickets, ranging from approximately $92 to $183 depending on the exchange rate. Travel packages with tickets run from $1,699 to $3,749, without airfare. Those buying travel packages do not have to pick up tickets in London.

Some season-ticket holders think they should be able to decide whether to use, re-sell or give the tickets away to clients or relatives.

Florida relaxed its scalping laws last year, allowing for the re-sale of tickets at any price.

The change in Florida law took effect in 2006. Where is the NFL’s concern for ticket scalping when the Super Bowl is played. Why not enforce similar policies then? What if a season ticket holder can’t make the trip? Tough luck then I guess.

Maybe its not much of a loss. In my humble opinion, the 2007 Dolphin season won’t be any better than the 2006 season was.

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