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Sexiest woman golfer is taking a survey offering eight professional golfers to choose from. To the right is the much overrated(On the course) Natalie Gulbis. Now you know why golf writers can’t stop drooling over her.

On the lower left is another nominee, South Korea’s Grace Park. I’m married to an Asian woman but its hard to vote against Natalie.

Go to and take the poll. Remember vote early and vote often!

On a side note, Angel Cabrera leads the US Men’s Open after two rounds. While listening to the NBC broadcast today, Jimmy Roberts described what he called the American slam when talking about Vijay Singh. Namely golfers who have won all three US based major championships.

Like some golf writers, sports announcers need something to talk about and when clueless stick their foot in their mouths. I’ve never heard a mention of the term ‘American slam’ ever before. Lets say if it has been heard before, its an idiotic term. ‘Slam’, comes from grandslam which in baseball is 4 runs. The golf grandslam is four events, if you removed the British Open, three are left. Wouldn’t that then make it like the triple crown in horse racing?

Maybe I’m expecting too much. Namely sports announcers to actually use their brains instead of their mouths.

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