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The Short Bus: Drop Your Lawyer Pacman Jones!


Adam “Pacman” Jones. You, are getting a ride on the short bus because you let that Lawyer of your’s speak for you.

LAS VEGAS — Adam “Pacman” Jones’ lawyer urged authorities Thursday to file criminal charges or stop trying to link the Tennessee Titans cornerback to a strip club melee and triple shooting.

Attorney Robert Langford said no evidence tied Jones to the shooting, and DNA comparisons failed to show the NFL star was responsible for a bite injury reported during the February mayhem. He termed what happened, a “glorified bar fight at best.”

Here’s the dumb part. He termed what happened as a “glorified bar fight at best.”

Are you kidding me? This glorified bar fight, left one bar employee paralyzed and two other people wounded. Does someone have to die? I am completely sickened by this comment. Pacman! Please, find someone to better represent you.

Although, he is right about one thing.

“It is really unfair to Mr. Jones that they continue to assert some investigation when they can’t come up with any more evidence,” Langford said.

Jones cooperated during three Las Vegas police interviews and underwent two DNA tests that cleared him of accusations that he bit a club bouncer. Unless, they have anything else. It really is unfair.


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