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Romo Focused on Winning, Still Having Fun

Adam Schein argues that criticisms of Tony Romo for enjoying his new-found fame and going Hollywood are unfounded.

In fact, in his first off-season as the Cowboys starting quarterback, Romo, always a football gym rat who Bill Parcells first fell in love with because of his work ethic, has never worked harder.

And when you talk to the Cowboys players this offseason, they gush about their quarterback. Bradie James tells us that you see Romo working longer hours as new offensive coordinator Jason Garrett tries to install a game plan featuring more of a West Coast Offense. And James reveals that the signal caller has looked razor sharp in that new offense.

Marc Colombo says that Romo’s confidence and work ethic are contagious. Julius Jones reports that you absolutely see a different Romo in minicamps this year, one who walks and talks and practices with the responsibility and moxie of being the quarterback and leader in Dallas. Marcus Spears says the entire team takes its lead from Romo, and he’s the player to lead Dallas back to the Super Bowl.

Yeah, judging a Miss Universe pageant on an off day in the off-season will come back to hurt the Cowboys when they take on the Eagles in the regular season.

And escorting Carrie Underwood to the Country Music Awards on an off day in the offseason is going to hurt Romo’s timing with Terry Glenn.

Stop the insanity.

Romo is a good-looking, 27-year-old starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. That’s the organization known in circles as America’s Team last time I checked. Of course he is going to get attention, just like you would if you were the center for the Lakers or the Yankees’ center fielder. And owner Jerry Jones knows, and endorses, the type of fame and publicity that comes with playing the position of quarterback for his ball club.

But trust me — and his teammates: Romo’s blinders are on. His focus is on a Super Bowl.

I’m not hanging around Valley Ranch but will take Schein’s word for Romo’s work ethic. Certainly, it comports with what I’ve heard all along. He’s definitely right, though, that it’s silly to criticize Romo for having a good time in the offseason. (Although he should probably stay away from Carrie Underwood during pregame warmups from now on.) After all, what’s the point of being a star quarterback if you can’t enjoy it a little?

As an aside, Schein may take the prize for the radio personality who looks least like what you’d imagine from his voice. I always imagined a big, retired defensive tackle-looking guy.

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