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Yes Virginia, Tom Terrific really threw a no-hitter

I grew up following the New York Mets. Born in 1961, I went to my first game in 1967. My family went to games at Shea Stadium at least once a year, and we even saw two Mets-Reds games at old Crosley Field in 1968.

So I know the team’s very well from 1967 to 1987(The year I moved out of the US for two years). The team’s main star through most of those years, was Baseball Hall of Famer Tom Seaver. Tom Teriffic finished his ML career in 1986 with 300 career wins.

One of the oddities of Met history is that pitcher has thrown a no-hitter for the team. Several were broken up in the 9th inning, one being a perfect game bid by Tom Seaver in July 1969. Little known Chicago Cub outfielder Jimmy Qualls singling with one out in the ninth.

Today Mike Beradino wrote at the Sun-Sentinel.

Welcome back, no-hitter.

When Anibal Sanchez threw his no-no for the Marlins last September, it ended a drought in the majors of nearly 28 months. There was no logical explanation for this, just as there is often no explanation for whom throws no-hitters and when.

After all, Jose Jimenez, Tommy Greene and Joe Cowley are in the club while Tom Seaver, Greg Maddux and Roger Clemens aren’t.

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Tom Seaver threw a no-hitter but not while he was in a Mets uniform, but when he played for the Cincinnati Reds.

All Beradino had to do was do a google search containing the words Tom Seaver and no-hitter. I guess simple fact checking is beyond most sportswriters. After all, it happens all the time by writers covering pro golf.

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