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Dallas Cowboys 100-Yard Rushers

Kickholder has a rather startling statistic: Julius Jones needs only three more 100-yard games to rank fourth on the Dallas Cowboys‘ all-time list.

While I think Jones has been unfairly maligned for his performance since joining the team, it’s not like he’s joined a team that hasn’t had it’s share of superb running backs. How could he already be closing in on fourth place all time after three seasons?

Here are the numbers Kickholder has compiled:

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Name No. Team Record %
Smith, Emmitt 76 57-19 75.00%
Dorsett, Tony 43 39-4 90.70%
Hill, Calvin 19 18-1 94.70%
Perkins, Don 10 4-5-1 40.00%
Walker, Herschel 9 5-4 55.56%
Jones, Julius 8 5-3 62.50%
Thomas, Duane 6 6-0 100.00%
Hambrink, Troy 5 3-2 60.00%
Newhouse, Robert 5 5-0 100.00%
Garrison, Walt 2 1-1 50.00%
Reeves, Dan 2 1-1 50.00%
Laidlaw, Scott 2 2-0 100.00%
Marsh, Amos 2 2-0 100.00%
Pearson, Preston 1 0-1 0.00%
Barber, Marion 1 1-0 100.00%
Palmer, Paul 1 1-0 100.00%
Warren, Chris 1 1-0 100.00%

Now, anyone with even a passing knowledge of the Cowboys would have guessed that Emmitt and TD would rank 1 and 2. That’s a given. TD was a first ballot Hall of Famer and Emmitt will join him the minute he’s eligible. And, as most know, Emmitt set the NFL career rushing title before going off to fame and fortune with his mad dancing skilz.

Herschel Walker didn’t play all that many games with the Cowboys, having spent his first few seasons in the USFL and then being traded off to the Vikings in the deal of the century. And, yeah, he shared carries with TD his first couple years. But, man, Hershel was a stud. And JJ has shared with MBIII the last couple of years, too.

Dan Reeves and Duane Thomas and Walt Garrison were pretty doggone good ball carriers in their day. And they played before the modern pass-happy era. But, sure enough, Julius already has more big days than they had.

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