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Play ball (in Israel)

The Israeli Baseball league’s first season is underway, and a few bloggers have posted their impressions.

A mother in Israel Took her family out to the ballgame. She doesn’t say much about the game but meets some players watching in the stands – he quit his job as an investment banker to play ball in Israel! For those interested 25 Shekel is roughly $6 right now, so the cost of a game is about that of a minor league game. (Actually I believe the price for a Baysox ticket now is $9 and $6 for children.) The cost of the baseball hat is as expensive as a major league hat. I’d guess they’re being priced for collectors.

Guest Blogger at SerAndEz, Eliezer StrongBad writes comprehensively about the Boychiks of Summer. The game experience left something to be desired. He notes that the players range in age from 17 – 51, so I suppose there’s still time for me to retire early and become a professional ballplayer. He did like the radio broadcast.

Life in Israel brings news updates
from the league including the first no-hitter and the first game played under protest. I wonder how many lawyers are in the league.

(h/t Life in Israel)

And who knew, the inaugural game was broadcast on WNET!

For full information about the league, check out its website.
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