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Yankees win in spite of Torre

- Why Joe, why? Is Torre living in some strange, bizarro universe in which bad pitchers are good, and good pitchers bad? That seems the only explanation for his continued use of Kyle Farnsworth late in close games. Edwar Ramirez goes on his 11th straight day riding the bench. He might as well be sent down to Scranton to stay sharp, because no pitcher can stay sharp after a layoff this long. Then predictably, when Torre does use him and he falters due to rust, he’ll be even deeper in Joe’s doghouse. A vicious cycle. He’s better than just a mop up guy – save that for Myers, Farnsworth and Villone. Just watch, now that Vizcaino is pitching well, Joe will overwork him and burn him out (like every good reliever so far).

- Maybe its about time Damon is DLed, and either Shelley Duncan is brought up to DH, or one of Brett Gardner or Justin Christian is brought up to play LF, pushing Matsui to DH. Damon is hurt, right? How else could he be hitting .238? Their season stats -
Damon, .238/.339/.330, 16 sb, 1 cs
S. Duncan, 28 (AAA): .292/.376/.571, 2 sb, 2 cs
Christian, 27 (AA & AAA): .266/.310/.370, 29 sb, 4 cs
Gardner, 23 (AA & AAA): .301/.395/.419, 21 sb, 4 cs

- Melky seems to make another great play every night. Tonight it was on Aaron Hill’s liner to left center (that looked like a sure double) that he ran down. Not to mention practically tying the game by himself in bottom of the 9th.

- Cano went from goat to hero in two innings. He struck out with two on to end the 8th, then drove in the winning run in the 10th.

- The forgotten hero is Andy Pettitte, who escaped several jams, and matched Halladay pitch for pitch through seven strong innings.

- Arod had a two-out, two-strike RBI single in the first which didn’t seem like much at the time, but turned out to be the difference in the game. He also made some very nice plays at 3b.

- The forgotten goats are Bobby Abreu and Derek Jeter, who – in the second and third spots in the lineup – went 0-10 with three Ks.

- An organizational sweep today as every team under the Yankee umbrella won – the GCL Yankees even swept a doubleheader.

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