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Yanks salvage last game vs. O’s

Well, Saturday night’s 9th inning near-comeback was a precursor to yesterday’s offensive explosion. All I can say is that at least they weren’t swept.

- Elsewhere, Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes pitched great for Triple-A Scranton, and Joba Chamberlain was moved to the pen to get him used to the role before he joins the Bronx bullpen (I wonder who gets sent down…).

I do not like the move – Joba is the second best pitcher in the entire system, and I don’t trust Joe Torre at all to use him correctly. Outside of Mo, he treats relievers in two ways: 1. he severely overuses them, e.g. Scott Proctor and Luis Vizcaino, or 2. he severely underuses them, e.g. Edwar Ramirez. Neither situation is good for pitchers, especially 21-year-olds with outstanding arms (and injury history), and such is Joba.

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