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Beckett allows career most hits in loss vs. Yankees

13 to be exact. Despite that, the Yanks scored just three in the 2nd and one in the 7th. Fortunately, it was enough as Clemens shut down Boston’s lineup for six innings (hitless through five), followed by solid outings from Vizcaino and Mo. Farnsy did his best Eric Gagne impression, giving up a two-run shot to Youkilis in the 8th that brought Boston within one. He k’ed JD Drew, then walked Varitek. Joe brought in Mo for the four-out save. It worked as Mo dominated all four batters he faced – no one even hit a ball out of the infield.

Arod, Matsui and Posada went 6-11, while Melky collected three hits. Despite getting 13 hits off Beckett (a career high for him), they couldn’t put the final nail in the coffin, leaving nine runners on base.

ESPN’s broadcasters just could not stop talking in disbelief about the ‘Joba Rules.’ Is it really that hard to believe? He’s the best arm in the entire organization, playing in his first professional year, under none other than Joe Torre – he has to be protected. Of course, if the Yanks make the playoffs, I’m sure the rules will be amended to allow for greater freedom. They made one incredibly stupid comment about why would Brian Cashman go along with the ‘Joba Rules’? He’s the freakin’ one who instituted them! They also said something akin to the Yankee minors dictating to the majors – the one who’s dictating is the General Manager, not some non-defined ‘minors.’ Given that it was ESPN (featuring Steve Phillips), none of the stupidity really surprised me.

Seattle lost again to Anaheim, so the Yanks are mere percentage points behind them in the wildcard.

Wang vs. Schilling tomorrow afternoon.

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