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Brady Quinn holding out on the Cleveland Browns

The first round pick from Notre Dame still hasn’t signed.

BEREA, Ohio (AP) — Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Brady Quinn missed his fourth day of training camp Monday in a contract holdout that shows no signs of ending anytime soon for the first-round draft pick.

Quinn, who figures to compete for the starting job with Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson, has missed six practices so far.

Browns general manager Phil Savage has been in negotiations with Quinn’s agent, Tom Condon, but the team said there was nothing new to report.

“I’m glad we’ve got the other guys out there,” Savage said. “If anything, it’s given Charlie and Derek the chance to get more reps, and that’s a positive.”

Savage characterized talks with Condon as “in the same neighborhood, but not on the same street.”

The talk about being in the neighborhood but not on the same street reminds me of an old Abbott & Costello routine. LOL. This news makes me feel better about the Miami Dolphins not picking Quinn in the first round. I feel Quinn is overrated. Note- I don’t approve of the Ginn choice either.

Hat tip- Dr. Taylor at Poliblog Deportes who sees the holdout as good news for the Dallas Cowboys. If Quinn’s play or the Browns growth is impeded by the holdout, that means a poor record and a better draft 2008 first round pick for the Cowboys. Remember the Browns traded up in order to get Quinn.

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