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Break out the brooms: Yanks sweep Sox

The Yanks top three outpitched Boston’s top three. Yankee pitchers allowed just six hits in the last two games. Wang pitched six hitless innings today before a 7th inning single. He reached 96 on his sinker, and held David Ortiz hitless (with two Ks). Boston’s offense is very different without Manny (who sat out the last two games with a muscle strain).

Robbie Cano had a plurality of the offense, crushing two HRs off Schilling (both to Death Valley), which would have been enough but the Yanks tacked on three against Okajima (who’s frankly been pitching over his head most of the year). Edwar relieved Joba in the 9th and fanned Lowell and popped up Drew to end the game.

Joba may have been throwing at Youkilis. Even though Joba’s control isn’t great yet, he put two fastballs in the exact same spot (over Youkilis’ head) – perhaps it was retaliation for Arod getting hit in game one. However, he is a 21-year-old rookie with just 10 innings of major league experience who throws 95+. Also, he did NOT have great command today, walking his first batter since his major league debut, so control may have been the primary issue. And Joe Torre made a good point in the postgame show: if the umpire thought there was intent behind the first pitch, why was there no warning issued?

Boston should not complain though – they lead all of baseball in hitting batters since 2000 (612 beanings). The Yanks have hit 456 batters (about average). Second is Tampa Bay (with 604, who at least has the excuse of having poor pitchers). What’s Boston’s excuse?

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