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Is Michael Vick’s Career Over?

Michael Vick is going to plead guilty to dog fighting charges and faces a minimum of 14 months in prison plus a likely additional suspension from the NFL. What are the odds that his NFL career is over?

I take a look at that question at OTB. Feel free to weigh in on it yourselves in the comments there or below.

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The salaries these men get for playing are absurd.
They rarely graduate or really get any education at all; everything is given them on a silver platter and this jerk still wants to make more easy money by financing an operation he did not enter into pro bono: He expected to make money out of the suffering of animals – the kind that go to heaven every time. Those they killed, they drowned or hanged… probably letting them suffocate to death, the cruelest of all deaths.
THIS MAN DESERVES TO BE BANNED FROM FOOTBALL FOREVER. We have too many bastards from Hollywood already setting the wrong example, as out ethics and morality go down the drain.

Posted by Charles Young | August 25, 2007 | 03:40 am | Permalink

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