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San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies to play wild card playoff game

Tonight’s game will be the first MLB tiebreaker since 1999.

DENVER – The San Diego Padres and the Colorado Rockies finished the regular season tied for the wild card and will play one game tonight to determine who advances to play the Philadelphia Phillies in one National League Division Series starting Wednesday.

Tonight’s playoff was set when the Padres were beaten by Milwaukee 11-6 yesterday and the Rockies stopped Arizona 4-3.

The one-game playoff is the first in baseball since the New York Mets beat Cincinnati in 1999. The Padres are going with 19-game winner Jake Peavy against Josh Fogg, who is 10-9.

I may stay up and watch it. If so, it will be the first game I watched all of 2007.

The Padres seem well positioned wit Peavy able to go tonight. In 1967′s great race conclusion, The Detroit Tigers had to play back to back doubleheaders the last two days of the season. Tiger Manager Mayo Smith used eight pitchers(remember most teams had 9 or 10 man pitching staffs in those days) in the season’s finale in a desperate attempt to keep Detroit alive. It would have been interesting to see who Smith would have put out on the mound the next day. Without access to some parallel universe, we’ll never know.

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