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Fourteen holes with Sherri Steinhauer and Christina Kim

Shortly after I finished last post, I went and walked part of round one. The group I followed consisted of Christina Kim and Sherri Steinhauer. I stayed with this group till they finished the 14th hole.

Sherri’s Round- It started badly with a bad drive leading to a double bogey on the 1st hole. After bogeys on 4 and 5, Sherri was four over through five holes. She then had a bit of a rally due to three birdies between holes 6 and 11. That got her to plus two. Right now she stands plus 3 through 17 holes.

Christina’s round- She ran in a thirty foot putt for birdie on the first hole. After that Christina didn’t make a putt 10 feet or longer through 14 holes. In addition to her birdie on 1, Christina birdied holes 4 and 12. Errant driving was a problem for Christina. She missed the fairway on 2, 6, 9, and 10. Her misses on 6, 9, and 10 either came seriously close to the water or the out of bounds markers. She recovered on all of these holes to make par.

I didn’t see Christina’s eagle on 15. She did however miss makable birdie putts from 15 feet or less on 3, 5, 8, and 11. If Christina was a little luckier with the short stick she could easily be -8 or -9.

Christina may make me eat my words so far as my pre-tournament prediction goes for her. At the moment she is the leader in the clubhouse at minus 5. Mi Hyun Kim is -4 through 11 holes. Juli Inkster and Lorena Ochoa are -4 and still out on the course.

Christina’s 1st hole- Birdie 3 after one putting from twenty five feet.
2nd hole- 2 putt par. Missed fairway left.
3rd hole- Par 5. Missed the green to the right in two. Played a flop shot to 3 feet but missed the putt.
4th hole- Birdie 3. One putted from five feet.
Holes 5-11- All pars. Only things of note.
Missed very makable birdie putts on 5 and 11.
Missed fairway right on 6 but avoided the water.
Missed fairway left on 9 but again avoided the water.
Missed fairway left on 10. Coming close to OTB area.
12th hole- Birdie 4. One putted from 12 feet.

Update- Christina’s eagle at fifteen came after she hit the green in two and ran in a twenty-five footer from above the hole.

When asked about playing Trump international, Christina said you had to be gutsy or ballsy. Need cajones. Interesting observation from a LADIES professional golfer. Christina is a hoot.

2nd Update-

Q- Back to the Trump-esque nature of the golf course, when you said you have to have balls, you were not referring to a lot of golf balls I take it?

Christina- Hopefully—no, you’ve got to have enough golf balls just to make sure you can make it through your round, but no, you have to have guts and cojones or whatever you want to call it. You have to be an aggressive person. It was just a term–you don’t actually have to have balls.

When asked about the ballsiest thing she did today, Christina replied

“I didn’t do anything ballsy today. I did a couple things by accident that ended up really close.

All right, he put me on the pot. I don’t have balls.(laughter)

The bubbly Christina Kim. Call me nuts, but the LPGA could use more like her.

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