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Is the 17th at Trump International unfair?

Hounddog seems to think so-

I think the tournament director needs to rethink that 17th hole. You start with a long par-3 – today it played 177 yards – with a lake on the right and a lateral water hazard on the left. Despite having no bailout option, I don’t really have a problem with that setup. But constructing greenside waterfalls which create a roaring noise to disturb one’s putting, add in a green which typically gives players double-breaking putts with a high Stimpmeter reading, put the hospitality tent right next to the freaking tee box (from which a cell phone interrupted Karrie Webb’s tee shot today) and tack on the typical fall Florida winds…let’s see, how about we let the spectators walk in front of the tee box area and toss the occasional smoke bomb during a player’s backswing next year, just so we can have a par-3 hole average more than four and destroy several players championship hopes.

Lets look at how 17 played on Saturday.

Ochoa 3
Creamer 3
Gulbis 2
MH Kim 3-2
Christina Kim 2-3
Kerr 3
S Lee 3
Webb 3

The ADT’s final eight players played the 17th three under par yesterday. For the week they played the hole in three over par. If you remove Ochoa’s quadruple bogey on Thursday, the top eight played the hole in one under.

As for the rest of the final sixteen

Miyazato 3-3-5
Matthew 2-3-4
Gustafson 3-3-5-4
Inkster 3-3-5
Castrale 3-3-3-3
SH Lee 5-3-3
Pressel 3-3-3
Pettersen 4-3-3

In all the top sixteen played the 17th in 13 over par for the week for a stroke average of 3.2. Seven looks like the terror hole to me, not 17.

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