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Those 0-10 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins lost again yesterday. The result didn’t surprise me but the game left me feeling hopeful.

*- Much maligned DB Jason Allen intercepted two passes. One should never have been thrown, but the first INT was totally legit. Allen also made five tackles in the game.

*- John Beck was only 9 for 22 for a little over 100 yards. He threw no INT and wasn’t sacked. Beck did make several nice throws, particularly to Ted Ginn. No question, Beck has legitimate arm strength to stretch the field.

Beck on 2nd and goal from the 1 in the fourth qtr, almost got his first TD pass. Only a great breakup by a Eagle defender kept TE Aaron Halterman from hauling in the pass.

*- Ted Ginn has his most productive day as a WR. 4 receptions for 52 yards.

*- The defense still can’t stop the run, but they harried Eagle Qbs Donovan McNab, and after he left the game for an injury, AJ Feeley. Neither QB had a good day at all, throwing 3 INTs and being constantly pressured.

Other than the run defense, the worst part of the game for Miami was…..

*- Cam Cameron’s play call on 4th and 1 from the Philadelphia one yard line in the 4th Qtr. What was the coach thinking of? A pitch back to where the running back needs to go 10 yds for a TD. I don’t blame Cameron for going for the TD, but the play call was absolutely idiotic.

At this point the most I expect from Miami is 2-14 or 1-15. Getting Beck and other young players experience in the NFL, and landing next year’s #1 pick to me are the real goals for the rest of the 2007 Miami Dolphin season. Right now I see some hope for the Dolphins future.

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