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Yankee News – November 7 edition

- In the good news category, GMs voted in favor of instant replay (25-5) to help umpires decide fair/foul calls. This is great news, and although limited, is a step in the right direction. Hopefully next year balls/strikes, out/safe, catches/traps, and other such calls will be eligible for video review. And going by ESPN’s poll, fans overwhelmingly favor IR. Not all bad news these days.

- Andy Pettitte declined his 2008 option, but has left the door open to return. He wants more time to mull it over. I think he’ll return.

- New nickname alert: J-Tab.

- Miguel Cabrera is available for trade. I dream of getting him without giving up a top prospect, e.g. Cano, Hughes, Joba, Kennedy, Wang, Melky, Jtab, Ajax, Betances, Montero, McAllister, Heredia, Gardner, Melancon, Sanchez. Would some combination of Ohlendorf, Horne, Marquez, Whelan, Nacci, Miranda, Kontos, Dunn, McCutchen, Corona and Cervelli be enough? Doubtful. There’s not a single can’t miss in that group. Look at the haul they got for Beckett and Lowell. It would probably take something like that.

- Sources close to Arod say Boston is #1 on his list of teams. Don’t worry. It’s all a facade by Scottie Boras. First, why would the Sawx want Arod when they have the World Series MVP on their team at the same position who would cost a helluva lot less? Second, he’s the most hated athlete in Boston (yes, even more than Jeter). Third, if Arod thinks New York fans are fickle, wait till he plays a month in Fenway. Fourth, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘source’ is in fact Boras trying to scare the Yankees into bidding on Arod when they said they wouldn’t. Without the richest team in baseball bidding for his client, he won’t receive as much as he hopes. Fifth, if he does think the Yanks are truly out of it, then having the second richest team (supposedly) bidding also serves this purpose.

- Tim Lincecum is available for a ‘good bat’ according to FOX Sports. How about J-Tab and A-Jax for Lincecum? Yeah, not enough in my opinion, but you never know with crazy Brian Sabean.

- Johnny Damon for Joe Crede? No thanks. Crede has a career OBP of .305. Ugh. He’s great on defense, but not not enough to make up for that putrid OBP. He’s marginally better against LHP but when accounting for Damon’s speed (which Crede is completely devoid of), you can’t make that trade. Now if Cash thinks Gardner, A-Jax or J-Tab aren’t far off (they’ll start 2008 in AAA and AA respectively), and considering Crede is four years younger, maybe it does make sense. We have a glut of OFers and a need for a righty third-baseman.

- 2008 Yankee projections
Shelley (!) is projected to lead the team in HR with 24. The hitting projections seem about right to me but I have some disagreements with the pitching. For example, Joba is projected to have a higher ERA (4.43) than Ian Kennedy, Chris Britton, Kyle Farnsworth and Ron Villone. Highly doubtful.

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