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Miami Dolphin Coach Cam Cameron is toast

Bill Parcells, Miami’s new VP of Football operations, gave his first press conference yesterday since accepting the job..

Despite the challenge, Parcells expressed confidence that he can be successful where others have not been because he brings a proven plan.

“This is basically a talent-acquisition business,” he said. “In addition to acquiring the talent, you have to have a structure in place within your organization that will enhance the development of that talent, and then you have to have a competent coaching staff that will coach that talent.

“If you can get those three things in place … I think you can make progress in this league.”

Parcells didn’t reveal his intentions regarding General Manager Randy Mueller, coach Cam Cameron, the scouting department or even the equipment managers. But Parcells indicated he is prepared to overhaul the entire front office if need be to replicate the infrastructure he prefers.

“I don’t have any timetable on anything other than I’m just going to try to get to work as hard as I can as soon as I can to get this thing going,”

Cameron is done in Miami. He is not the main cause of the team’s 2007 collapse, but there is no doubt the coach has made his share of bad personnel decisions and been poor in on the field management. I think Parcells is going to give Cameron the boot no later than the second week in January and a new coach in place no later than mid-February. Sooner is a definite possibility. I’m setting the late time in case Miami wishes to talk to an NFL assistant working for a team active in the post season. You know another flavor or coach of the month type choice. Like Cam Cameron was a year ago.

Greg Stoda of the Palm Beach Post is voicing the same opinion.

He’ll probably fire head coach Cam Cameron in the sooner part of the restructuring.

He’ll probably fire General Manager Randy Mueller in the later part of it.

Those are the guesses after listening for half an hour to Bill Parcells, who was introduced at Dolphins headquarters Thursday as executive vice president of football operations.

I’m guessing, as is Stoda, at what moves will made by Parcells by Parcells after Sunday’s game. We’ll know in a few weeks or even in a matter of days if I’m right.

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