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Miami Dolphins keep losing, but fans keep watching

From the Miami Herald-

No matter how much the Dolphins keep losing, viewers keep watching.

Despite the worst season in franchise history, Dolphins ratings in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market actually are ahead of last season, by more than 25,000 homes per telecast. The 12 games have averaged a 17.8 rating, ahead of last year’s 16.1, when Miami finished 6-10, and comparable to recent years when the team’s record was much better.

WFOR-4, which has carried nine of the games, has seen Dolphins ratings jump from a 15.7 to a 17.6, meaning 17.6 percent of Miami-Fort Lauderdale homes with TV sets, on average, are tuned to the game. (One local ratings point equals 15,386 homes.)

There must be a lot more Florida Masochists besides me.

The article makes no mention of Miami’s last two home games for 2007. I heard on the radio the other day that the games are in danger of not selling out. It is nearly a decade since a Dolphin regular season home game didn’t sell out.

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