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Alex Ovechkin signs 13-year contract with the Washington Capitals

It is Hockey’s first 9 digit contract.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Alexander the Great has a contract worthy of his nickname — the first $100 million deal in NHL history.

Alex Ovechkin signed a $124 million, 13-year contract extension Thursday with the Washington Capitals, a handsome reward for the charismatic Russian who has been a nonstop goal-scorer since coming to the NHL in 2005.


It’s not the longest deal in NHL history — Rick DiPietro signed for 15 years with the New York Islanders — and it doesn’t set the record for largest average salary, but it is the league’s first contract to guarantee nine digits of income.

Long-term contracts like this if guaranteed are highly risky. One injury and a team can be paying through the nose for someone unable to play again. Ovechkin is a great player, but if I was a GM, I wouldn’t like the gamble.

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