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Former Dolphin Head Coach Cam Cameron to be Off Coordinator for Baltimore

It took Cameron almost precisely three weeks to find new employment in the NFL.

Cam Cameron was named Ravens offensive coordinator yesterday, becoming new coach John Harbaugh’s first and perhaps most important hire.

If Harbaugh wants to turn around the Ravens in the 2008 season, he’ll need Cameron to revitalize an offense that has consistently ranked among the NFL’s worst for a decade.

Before he was fired as head coach of the 1-15 Miami Dolphins three weeks ago, Cameron built a reputation for directing one of the NFL’s most explosive attacks. In his last three seasons as the San Diego Chargers’ offensive coordinator (2004-2006), the team finished in the NFL’s top five in scoring, averaging 28.3 points a game.

I think Cameron got less than a fair deal with Miami. Yes he made mistakes, but I would have been willing to give Cam another shot in 2008 with Miami. The Dolphins were long on the way to falling apart before Cameron’s arrival. Cameron had just the bad luck to be present at the collapse. With apologies to the late Dean Acheson. LOL

I wish Coach Cameron well in Baltimore.

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Baltimore , Baltimore , great scoop.
Iwish him well too.
Peace….Iron MIke

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