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Ottawa Senators to fine Goalie Ray Emery up to $14,700

For being late to practice the team’s General Manager says

UNIONDALE, N.Y. — Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery will be “fined substantially” by the team after arriving late for a team skate a day after the All-Star Game.

Emery’s explanation for being four minutes late was that he went to Nassau Coliseum for the skate, when it was being held at the Islanders’ practice rink Monday afternoon.

“Ray has got to be in uniform with the rest of the team,” general manager Bryan Murray said. “This is a uniform league. We have rules, and he has to follow them, just like anyone else.”

Murray said Emery will be “fined substantially.”


“We think Ray is a good goaltender,” Murray said. “We’re asking him to be accountable.”

Emery could be docked up to one-187th of his $2.75 million salary, roughly $14,700.

That is a great deal of accountability. The fine coming out at 3,675 dollars a minute.

Why was Emery late? The goalie had this to say.

“When the club came back from the break, I just didn’t go to the right location,” Emery said. “I didn’t want to cause a ruckus, and I want to make up for it.

“They said it was a one-time thing, and they know it was accidental, but it’s kind of me all the time, so it’s [management's] job to do something about it,” he said. “I didn’t want to miss the practice, but I did, and I have to try to get past it. I haven’t heard any of my teammates say it harmed them or anything like that. All I can do is show up on time and try to get through this as best as I can.”

What Emery’s teammates think, has nothing to do whether the Goalie should or shouldn’t be fined. That is a decision for management.

A $14,750 fine would seem excessive. Then maybe GM Bryan Murray is sending Emery a message to get his act together.

Murray did admit that the transgression itself wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be, but this wasn’t Emery’s first incident this season. He threw his stick in the stands after a morning skate, angry that he wasn’t starting that night’s game. He also fought teammate Brian McGrattan in practice.

Emery is definitely a talented goalie. He has issues however, ones Ray Emery needs to address. A hit in the wallet may be exactly that message.

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