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Phil Mickelson undergoes a gender change

If you don’t believe me, check out the screen capture or go vist Golfweek’s website and see what is listed under LPGA news.

Believe me now? The careless golf media has struck again. Maybe the magazine needs to do something outlandish every week. First it was a noose, now Phil Mickelson’s gender, what’s next? A Martian wants to try for a PGA Tour card?

Here is a website where Phil’s breasts have been discussed. Will Phil be wearing a skirt in San Diego this weekend? If he does, expect those Phil lovers at Golf World to put it on the cover even if he or I mean she finishes dead last. Stay tuned.

In all seriousness, the Golf media has ignored the biggest golf news of last week, the Philippines team winning the Women’s World Cup. That was a monumental upset, but very few people are talking about it. Phil Mickelson being ill, or he and Tiger making their first appearances of 2008, or just speculating on what these two golfers are about to do this year, are all more signifigant to the people covering the sport. A pretty sad state of affairs for women’s golf and the golf media, don’t you think?

Added note- Being nice, I called Golfweek and informed someone named Ryan about their little mistake. He said it will fixed soon. So I bet the link won’t be working shortly. Isn’t snagit wonderful?

2nd added note- Golfweek fixed their front page but didn’t fix their LPGA news page. They are so incompetent they can’t do their corrections right.

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