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Vancouver Canuck Goalie Roberto Luongo to miss All-Star game

The former Florida Panther goaltender wants to spend time with his pregnant wife. From the Canadian Press-

VANCOUVER – Roberto Luongo announced Wednesday he will skip the Jan. 27 NHL all-star game in Atlanta.

The Vancouver Canucks star goaltender, voted in by fans as the starting goalie for the Western Conference, wants to spend time during the break with his pregnant wife, Gina, at their off-season home in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. The baby is due in April.

With the permission of the Canucks, Luongo will also miss Vancouver’s first game after the all-star break, Jan. 29 at home against Dallas. The Canucks then travel to Florida where Luongo will join up with the club for games Jan. 31 at Tampa Bay and Feb. 1 at Florida.

Luongo’s 263,221 votes were the most among Western Conference goalies, ahead of the 180,381 garnered by Pascal Leclaire of Columbus.

Does that mean Leclaire will be the starting goalie for the west? The Columbus goalie has been having a much improved season over last year.

I’m looking forward to seeing Luongo face Florida later this month. Florida better have their offensive woes improved by then or Luongo will shut them out.

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