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Golf World’s Ron Sirak is at it again

You got to wonder if the man drinks or is on drugs. has an LPGA preview. The last question of which is Disappointment of the Year. This is what Mr. Sirak replies-

Beth Daniel is not playing anymore, but is still one of the 10 best Americans.


A check of Sirak’s much maligned top 30 list, lists over ten American ladies or 13 to be more precise. Daniel hasn’t won more than $253,000 since 2005 and finished 137th on the money list in 2007. To think she is still one of the US top 10 players is idiotic to say the least.

Maybe Sirak was making a joke. I think the real joke is that golf publications and ESPN employ this imbecile to write about professional golf. Maybe that should be listed as the biggest disappointment of 2008.

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