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Two Montreal Canadiens Players Arrested in Florida

Purse snatching hockey players?

TAMPA, Fla. – Police say two Montreal Canadiens players have been arrested outside a Tampa nightclub. The 23-year-old defenseman Ryan O’Byrne has been accused of stealing a woman’s purse, and the 29-year-old right wing Thomas Kostopoulos has been charged with resisting an officer, a Tampa police report says.

Make a bet alcohol had something to do with this. Now what fate awaits Kostopoulos and O’Byrne? Immigration frowns on law breaking foreigners. Deportation and a ban from entering the US for 10 years? Only makes sense, CIS wants to deport widows of US citizens. They need to be tough on immigrants! Why should hockey players born in Canada be different?

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Bill great point. the problem is that these hockey players are a product of the NHL and they get special concessions through the justice department.
Was Ray Emery with them?
Peace…Iron Mike

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