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CBS Golf announcer Bobby Clampett apologizes for comment

Trevor Immelman has the lead after two rounds at the Masters, Tiger Woods trails by seven but this is a featured link on the AOL welcome page.

During today’s Masters broadcast, CBS announcer Bobby Clampett referred to Chinese golfer Liang Wen-Chong as “the chinaman.”

According to CBS spokeswoman LeslieAnne Wade, Clampett later apologized on the Masters webcast.

Clampett has been working Amen Corner the last two days, and his commentary can be heard both online and on DirecTV. He used the “chinaman” slur while describing Liang’s round and explaining that he will not make the cut.

There is no word yet on whether Clampett will be disciplined by CBS.

Clampett is only a part-time announcer. If you suspend him for three months and that’s about when he’ll next be scheduled to work a broadcast. Not really, Clampett is working next week’s Ginn Open on the LPGA Tour.

I don’t know what the controversy is. He called Liang what he was. I refer to my wife Leonita sometimes as a Filipino, a Filipina, a Flip, and even a member of the Filipina(or Filipino) mafia, she doen’t get upset with me. She was born in the Philippines. Golf is getting politically correct.

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