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Cowboys Get Pacman Jones

Adam “Pacman” Jones is now the property of the Dallas Cowboys. Now, the team will have to wait to see if he’s re-instated by the League, whether he can shake off the rust after missing a season, and if he will stop being a criminal.

On Wednesday, the Cowboys agreed in principle with the Tennessee Titans to trade for the suspended cornerback and are in the process of completing a new four-year contract for Pacman Jones that includes no guaranteed money.

According to sources, the Cowboys will give up a fourth-round pick in this weekend’s draft (No. 126 overall), plus a sixth-round pick in 2009 should he not have any off-field troubles this season. If he is not reinstated by the NFL, Tennessee would return a fourth-round pick in the 2009 draft to the Cowboys. The Cowboys could receive a fifth-round pick from the Titans should he be suspended after a reinstatement.

Pacman Jones will not repay the $1.25 million performance bonus he earned in 2005. He has agreed to make a $500,000 donation to a charity of the Titans’ choice within the next two years.

This is a fair deal for both teams. The Cowboys take relatively little risk here. At worst, they are on the hook for the portion of Jones’ salary that he earns by playing and they defer their 4th round pick a year. At best, they pay a 4th and a deferred 6th for a 1st round talent.

I’m not a fan of adding bad character players to the roster and Jones is a grade-A thug. But his talent is undeniable.

This is also interesting:

“He’s a great player and growing as a person,” said former Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders, who said he would like to serve as a mentor for him. “He will take Dallas’ secondary to an entirely different level with his playmaking ability on defense and return game. I can’t wait to work with him.”

Sanders was a showboat and could be obnoxious at times but he was an incredibly dedicated athlete and a good teammate. If Jones will take advice from a man who was arguably the best cornerback to ever play the game, he and the Cowboys would certainly benefit.

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