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Cowboys Looking for WRs and Safeties as Undrafted Free Agents

Jerry Jones has a plan for filling the needs for wide receiver and safety depth that he didn’t address in the draft: Undrafted free agents. Albert Breer:

Jerry Jones pointed to two positions as places of pursuit for the Cowboys — receiver and safety. Jones thinks that since the club didn’t draft anyone at those positions, each of which represents some need, Dallas will be attractive to guys undrafted at those spots.

So, the draft was so poor in talent at those positions of need that Jerry traded down five or six times and ultimately took some guys the team didn’t need. After all, he reasoned, none of those bums could beat out the young backups currently with the Cowboys.

Yet, at the same time, he thinks that the draft class was so rich in wide receivers and safeties that we’ll find some who made it undrafted that will make the team?

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