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Cowboys Sign WR Danny Amendola

NFL Draft 2008 Logo The Dallas Cowboys have signed Texas Tech wide receiver Danny Amendola, who went undrafted, to a free agent contract.

He had 109 catches for 1,245 yards and six touchdowns for the Red Raiders in 2007. The Cowboys would really like to see Amendola develop into another Tech receiver, Wes Welker, who lit it up last year in New England. They have similar builds – Amendola is 5-10, 183, Welker is 5-8, 185 – and excelled as slot receivers in Mike Leach’s offense.

It can’t hurt to give the kid a look. Certainly, there have been some solid players who went undrafted for whatever reason. Still, the Cowboys had plenty of opportunities to draft a wideout and instead reached for several players they didn’t need.

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