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NFL Draft 2008 – Round 2 #53 – Green Bay Packers – QB Brian Brohm

NFL Draft 2008 Logo The Green Bay Packers have made the most interesting pick of the 2nd round so far, tacking Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm.

The Pack, of course, lost Brett Favre to retirement this offseason. (Or did they?) They drafted Aaron Rodgers, who also fell well below his value, what now seems like years ago. Now, when Rodgers finally gets his chance to start, the Packers take Brohm, who would probably have been the first quarterback taken in the 2007 draft had he not opted to return to college.

Stay tuned.

Scouts, Inc.: 21

Strengths: A drop-back passer with adequate height and good overall bulk. Makes quick decisions. Is tough and will hang in the pocket to buy his receivers extra time. Displays solid overall mechanics. Keeps the ball high and has a high release point. Release quickness is adequate. Shows excellent touch and timing on throws. Knows how to change up velocities and can hit his receivers in stride in the short, intermediate and deep zones. Knows how to keep safeties honest and is also adept at reading coverage. Does a good job of selling fakes. He will surprise you at times with his ability to make some tough throws on the run. He grew up around the game of football and he’s a hard worker on and off the field.

Weaknesses: Is a bit robotic. Locks on to his primary target at times. Some of his biggest flaws are seen when he faces consistent pass rush pressure (see: Rutgers and first-half vs. Miami in 2006). He tends to short-arm his throws when under pressure. Arm strength is adequate but not good. He lacks ideal mobility. He will make some impressive throws on the run but he’s not consistent in that department. He lacks the foot quickness to buy many second chances and he won’t run away from many NFL defenders. He will take more than his share of hits from within the pocket. Durability was a major issue earlier in his career and his potential to hold up in the NFL remains somewhat of a concern. He had surgery on his non-throwing shoulder in January of 2007. He missed nearly three full games with a thumb injury in 2006 and suffered a season-ending ACL tear in the 10th game of the 2005 season. Finally, while he’s competitive and works hard, there are some questions regarding his leadership skills  he’s not overly vocal as a leader.

Overall: Brohm’s decision to return for his senior season will be second-guessed due to his team’s failure to meet expectations in 2007. From where we stand, the experience has allowed Brohm to showcase aspects of his game never seen before. First off, he has shown mental toughness in dealing with the adversity. Secondly, he has eased concerns regarding durability by remaining healthy despite taking a beating throughout his senior season. On the plus side; he is a smart, hard working pocket passer with very good accuracy and the toughness to hang in the pocket. On the minus side; he lacks ideal mobility, arm strength and leadership skills. Also, Brohm comes with some durability baggage. With all that in mind, Brohm projects as a first-round selection but we still think he has too many weaknesses to stamp him with a top-15 grade.

Rick Gosselin: 29

There were five quarterbacks with starting potential in the 2007 draft and all cleared the board by the 43rd pick. There are four such quarterbacks in this draft and all should be gone by 40. Matt Ryan of Boston College sits in the top 10 followed by Brohm, Chad Henne of Michigan and Joe Flacco of Delaware. Brohm, Henne and Flacco are all rated as the No. 2 quarterback on various team boards. Don’t be surprised if there isn’t at least one trade up into the back end of the first round to secure a quarterback. Henne was a four-year starter, Brohm a three-year starter and Ryan two years. All could hit the field as rookies. Flacco may be a year away because of the jump in caliber of competition from Delaware but has the best arm of all of them.

An amazing value with the 53rd pick in the draft and a bold, gutsy move.

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