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NFL Draft 2008 – Round 4 – Dallas Trades Down Again – And Again!- And Again!

NFL Draft 2008 Logo The Cowboys traded their 3rd rounder to the Detroit Lions for two 4ths (one in next year’s draft) and now have turned around and traded the opening pick in the 4th round, acquired from the Miami Dolphins for Akin Ayodele and Anthony Fasano, to the Oakland Raiders. This one makes sense:

The Cowboys got a fourth rounder (104) and a seven (213) from Oakland for their fourth rounder, 100th overall, which came from Miami.

The Raiders just grabbed UConn’s Tyvon Branch at 100th, which denied the Cowboys a chance to get Deon Anderson’s buddy in town. There’s a run on corners, too, with the Rams following up to take Penn State’s Justin King at 101.

Why not, really? Then again, Cowboys head coach Wade “Phillips pointed out that stockpiling picks was swell and all, but only if you occasionally used one.” Indeed.

UPDATE: They’ve done it again! They traded the 104th pick to Cleveland! Unless they got Chad Johnson (highly doubtful) this is starting to become a joke. And not a funny one if you’re a Cowboys fan.

UPDATE: The Cowboys’ spot, via Detroit, came up again. You guessed it: They traded down again. To Cleveland, again.

I’ve got no idea what the Cowboys are doing. Sadly, I don’t think they do, either.

Albert Breer: “The Cowboys just traded the 111th pick to the Browns. Which means they’ve now traded down five times today, and don’t have a player yet. Cleveland’s next pick is 190th overall.”

No word on what the Cowboys are getting in return. My guess is not all that much. Are they just stockpiling for next year? If so, that’s a bizarre strategy for a team expected to contend for a championship this season.

UPDATE: So, here’s the upshot of all these trades:

The Cowboys got a 2009 third-round pick, as Cleveland drafted Missouri TE Martin Rucker 111th overall.

So we’re clear here, this is what the Cowboys have left:

Fourth round pick — 122nd overall (from Cleveland)
Fifth round pick — 155th overall (from Cleveland)
Sixth round pick — 167th overall (from Miami)
Seventh round pick — 213rd overall (from Oakland)

But we had a 3rd rounder this draft and didn’t use it. It’s hard to see how this makes any sense.

Several people are speculating that we’ll somehow use all these picks to get a “Wow” wide receiver from another team. But why would someone give up a stud for a 3rd rounder next year? Wouldn’t they have rather had a 3rd this year, anyway,if that’s what they wanted?

Another way of looking at the moves:

They started the day with …

2008 Third round pick — 92nd overall
2008 Fourth round pick — 100th overall (from Miami)
2008 Sixth round pick — 167th overall (from Miami)

They now have …

2008 Fourth round pick — 122nd overall (from Cleveland)
2008 Fifth round pick — 155th overall (from Cleveland)
2008 Sixth round pick — 167th overall (from Miami)
2008 Seventh round pick — 213rd overall (from Oakland)
2009 Third round pick (from Cleveland)
2009 Fourth round pick (from Detroit)

So, we’ve basically traded out of Day 2 today, giving up a 3rd and 4th to get . . . 3rd and 4ths next year. Not smart, Jerry. Not smart.

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