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Jason Taylor and The Miami Dolphins- The end of the road?

I really think Jason has played his last game in a Dolphin uniform. From AP-

MIAMI – The feud between Jason Taylor and Bill Parcells intensified Wednesday, making it likely the six-time Pro Bowl defensive end has played his last game for the Miami Dolphins.

Coach Tony Sparano said Taylor isn’t expected to take part in any team activities through training camp.


Following a voluntary team practice Wednesday — with only Taylor missing — Sparano signaled the Dolphins are ready to move on without their top defender.

“I’m glad we know this. We’ve gotten the information, and that’s important,” Sparano said. “I know that Jason is not going to be in any minicamps, and I know that right now Jason is not going to be at training camp.

“So that’s what we know. Jason’s a player under contract with the Miami Dolphins. He knows that. Both parties are well aware of the information. That’s all I’m going to say about it. … We need to discuss the current players on our team right now that have been busting their butt for nine weeks here.”

There was much speculation before last month’s NFL Draft that Miami was trying to trade Taylor. I strongly believe Parcells did try to do that, but Miami(or the local news media) was expecting too much in return for the veteran. Is a All-Pro defensive lineman age 34, worth a first or second round draft pick? If a team picks smartly, they can get 5-10 years from the draft pick. Taylor? Three years maybe. I always thought Miami was looking for a sucker, and apparently no one fell for it.

Another thing, these sessions at Dolphins training camp are OTAs, and the O stands for optional. Since when does optional mean mandatory? Jason Taylor has other interests, and the football season is four months away. I can understand why he prefers to be elsewhere, if not necessarily agree with it.

In any case, Taylor is not likely to be a part of a rebuilt Dolphins’ sometime in the future. Miami is 2 years away at least from being non-pathetic. Being a playoff contender is even further away. Taylor isn’t likely to be a contributor by the time Miami plays in their next playoff game.

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