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Is Miami Dolphin WR Ted Ginn a draft bust already?

Some idiot analyst named Dan Arkush at Pro Football Weekly thinks so.

2007: WR Ted Ginn Jr. / Dolphins
2006: LB Ernie Sims / Lions
2005: CB Carlos Rogers / Redskins
2004: WR Reggie Williams / Jaguars
2003: DT Kevin Williams / Vikings
2002: DT John Henderson / Jaguars
2001: WR Koren Robinson / Seahawks
2000: LB Brian Urlacher / Bears
1999: LB Chris Claiborne / Lions
1998: RB Fred Taylor / Jaguars

And the loser is … Ted Ginn Jr.

The verdict is definitely still out on Ginn, but draft experts far and wide continue to question the wisdom of his selection in last year’s draft over Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn, who eventually dropped into the Browns’ lap at the No. 22 spot. Truth be told, Ginn is victimized in this context by what must be considered a pretty solid cast of candidates. Robinson, who no doubt has had his share of baggage, was given consideration, but he had his moments during his time in Seattle, especially his second season, when he gained 1,240 yards receiving and averaged just under 16 yards a catch. Reggie Williams also was considered based on his mediocre track record in his first three years with the Jags, but it appears the light might have finally gone on for him last season.

I didn’t defend the Ginn selection when it happened. Not because the Dolphins passed over Brady Quinn(who I’d remind everyone that the book is still out on. Quinn spending 2007 riding the Cleveland Browns bench and throwing 8 passes for the entire season.) but because Miami didn’t concern address its most pressing needs. Finding players for a aging defense. This is what I wrote at the time.

I stick to what I said before, the Dolphins should not draft Brady Quinn. Rather the team should either pick

1- DT Amobi Okoye


2- LB Patrick Willis


3- Trade down

Miami has the oldest starting defense in the NFL. Its time to upgrade it.

Willis was AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year for 2007.

The age of the Dolphin defense was known(Oldest Average age for a team’s line and linebackers in the NFL) going into the 2007 and took full effect last year. One South Florida sports columnist jumped on the ‘why didn’t Miami pick a defensive player’ bandwagon about six months after the draft.

Ginn wasn’t the right move for Miami, but is he a bust at this point in his career? I watched every single game Miami played last year. Ginn returned one kick for a TD and had two more taken back by penalties. His 34 receptions for 420 yards and 2 TDs is hardly impressive(Ginn had his best game in the season finale against the Bengals may I note) but you have to remember how pathetic the Dolphin QB situation was last year. I ought to know, I watched every minute of every 2007 Miami Dolphin game. Did Dan Arkush?

As to some of those other number nine picks, Koren Robinson and Chris Claiborne each lasted just four years with the teams that originally drafted them. I hardly think that’s what the Seahawks and Lions were hoping from these players when they were selected at #9 in their respective drafts. A strong case can be made for both Claiborne and Robinson as draft busts.(Claiborne is out of the NFL entirely at this moment)

The jury is still out on Ginn(Something Arkush admits as much as it is on Brady Quinn. It is downright stupid to call Ted Ginn after only one NFL season.

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