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The Stanley Cup has a dent

Look what happens when you allow a championship trophy out at night.

DETROIT — The Stanley Cup is OK after taking a tumble during the Red Wings’ celebrations in Detroit.

NHL spokeswoman Bernadette Mansur said on Saturday that the Cup got a slight dent Friday after some players took the trophy to Cheli’s Chili Bar, a downtown restaurant owned by Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios.

Mansur says a keeper of the Cup traveling with the trophy was able to smooth out the dent. She added that the trophy was expected to continue making the rounds, and that “the Cup has seen worse.”

I’d like to know what was worse. Now watch out as legislators in Canada and the US try to prevent a future incident. Stanley Cups must never be allowed at Chili bars ever again!(Cue the sarcastic laughter)

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One thing: there’s only one Stanley Cup. (OK, technically, there’s three, but two of them never go out with the teams, but are the original and the copy of the current cup that is displayed at the Hockey Hall of Fame while Detroit goes and drops the real one.) This is one of the reasons why they care about it so much.

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