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Life imitates Dash Parr

From the Incredibles.
Dash: You always say ‘Do your best’, but you don’t really mean it. Why can’t I do the best that I can do?

Outside the Beltway links to a story about a little league pitcher who’s too good.

Nine-year-old Jericho Scott is a good baseball player — too good, it turns out. The right-hander has a fastball that tops out at about 40 mph. He throws so hard that the Youth Baseball League of New Haven [Connecticut] told his coach that the boy could not pitch any more.

Eugene Volokh though says that the problem is not that he’s too good for his age, but that he ought to be allowed to compete against older boys, who are at his level of talent.

Players who excel far beyond their age group should of course still be playing. They just should be playing against others who are roughly their equals in ability. It sounds like the other players in New Haven Youth Baseball are out of Scott’s league (in a more literal way than usual for that phrase) — and they should indeed be in different leagues. (If the next higher league doesn’t allow Scott because he’s too young, even if he’s good enough, then that should be the target of criticism, it seems to me, and not the actions of the Youth Baseball league.)

(h/t Instapundit)

Yes, let him compete against a higher level of competition. But I think MLB is a little much. Even the Orioles.

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